Rellah Boothe

Rellah Boothe Height: 6-1 Weight: Position: Forward IMG Academy Bradenton, FL College: Texas

Boothe is an extremely versatile forward. She excels at facing up and making plays. She has a quick first step that allows her to attack the rim and is a terrific one-on-one player that finishes plays, as well as makes plays for others. One of the elite prospects of this class, she has committed to play for the Texas Longhorns next year.

Chennedy Carter

Chennedy Carter Height: 5-7 Weight: Position: Point Guard Mansfield Timberview High School Arlington, TX College: Texas A&M

Carter is a point guard with a strong scorer’s mentality. She is physical off the dribble and can attack the basket with ease. Known for her strong mid-range game, she is able to finish plays. She is at her best when orchestrating the fast break and can navigate through traffic to find her teammates. Carter has committed to play at Texas A&M University.

Raven Farley-Clark

Raven Farley-Clark Height: 6-4 Weight: Position: Forward Queen of Peace High School Elizabeth, NJ College: LSU

With a college ready frame, Farley-Clark is good at creating space and finishing at the rim. She is very active in the paint and runs the floor well. With her great hands and soft touch, she makes remarkable plays around the rim. Defensively, she protects the rim with her ability to change shots or block them. She has committed to the Tigers of LSU.

Ayanna Clark

Ayanna Clark Height: 6-1 Weight: Position: Forward Long Beach Poly High School Long Beach, CA College: USC

Clark is a solid post player that makes her presence known on both sides of the ball. Known for her physical interior skills, she is able to control the block and makes it tough on opponents to stop her. She commands the ball down low and can finish with contact. On the defensive end of the court, she is a lock down defender who can slow the pace of the game. Clark has committed to play at the University of Southern California.

Sidney Cooks

Sidney Cooks Height: 6-4 Weight: Position: Center St. Joseph Catholic Kenosha, WI College: Michigan State

At 6-4, Cooks is a great face up forward who uses her size to take over games. Her length in the front court makes her an offensive threat. She is able to get easy buckets down low, but her strong mid-range game is a game changer against less mobile defenders. She is an excellent interior defender with a great shot blocking presence. She makes it tough for players to score and is active on the glass. Cooks has committed to play at Michigan State University.

Mikayla Coombs

Mikayla Coombs Height: 5-10 Weight: Position: Guard Wesleyan School Norcross, GA College: UConn

Coombs is an explosive combo guard with a scorer’s mentality. Always in attack mode, she drives to the rim seeking contact for the and-one finish. She has great elevation on her jump shot as well. Her size allows her to not only score, but to find teammates in transition. She will be playing for the UConn Huskies next year.

Taya Corosdale

Taya Corosdale Height: 6-3 Weight: Position: Forward Bothell High School Bothell, WA College: Oregon State

Corosadle is a strong stretch 4 who is a consistent offensive threat. She is able to face up her opponents down low and finish plays by using the glass. On top of her offensive excellence, she brings a strong defensive game as well. By having great length, mobility and a large wingspan, she is able to defend the ball well. She is not afraid to defend down low or collect rebounds for her team. Corosdale has committed to play at Oregon State University.

Rennia Davis

Rennia Davis Height: 6-2 Weight: Position: Guard Ribault High School Jacksonville, FL College: Tennessee

Davis can do it all. She is a long and agile wing with an impressive wingspan. Her athleticism and ability to attack the rim make her tough to defend. She runs the floor very well in transition and is extremely active on the glass. Davis will be playing for the Tennessee Volunteers neat year.

Maya Dodson

Maya Dodson Height: 6-3 Weight: Position: Guard St. Francis High School Alpharetta, GA College: Stanford

Dodson is an outstanding athlete. She has great size, which helps her score in multiple ways. With an excellent all-around game, she can shoot the mid-range and get to the rim off the dribble. Her length and size, paired with her leaping ability, make her a versatile defensive threat as well.  Next year she will be attending Stanford.

Dana Evans

Dana Evans Height: 5-6 Weight: Position: Point Guard West Side High School Gary, IN College: Louisville

Evans is an excellent floor leader. She excels off the dribble and is at her best when creating in transition. Her confidence and swagger on the court can be seen every time she breaks down a defender off the dribble. Capable of scoring on her own or setting up a teammate, she will join Louisville neat season.

Lexi Gordon

Lexi Gordon Height: 5-11 Weight: Position: Guard L.D. Bell High School Fort Worth, TX College: UConn

Gordon is a sizeable guard who has the ability to navigate off the dribble and finish with a nice mid-range jump shot. Her mid-range jump shot is considered one of the best in the class of 2017. Her great length for a guard gives her an advantage on the defensive end and she can often be seen crashing the glass for rebounds. Gordon has committed to play at the University of Connecticut.

Anastasia Hayes

Anastasia Hayes Height: 5-7 Weight: Position: Point Guard Riverdale High School Hendersonville, TN College: Tennessee

Hayes is a true leader. She is an explosive guard that thinks score first. As she weaves through traffic in transition, she uses her great court vision to make plays for herself and her teammates. Her ability to shoot the mid-range and the three ball make her dangerous to opponents. She will be joining the Tennessee Volunteers next year.

Kasiyahna Kushkituah

Kasiyahna Kushkituah Height: 6-4 Weight: Position: Center St. Francis High School Alpharetta, GA College: Tennessee

Kushkituah is a strong post player that excels in running the floor. She has great length and size and is known for being a defensive presence. She rebounds, finishes in the paint and blocks shots consistently. Very agile near the rim, she uses her physicality to help her dominate the paint. She will be attending Tennessee next season.

Destiny Littleton

Destiny Littleton Height: 5-9 Weight: Position: Guard The Bishop School San Diego, CA College: USC

Littleton is a strong guard with a great scoring abilities. With her quick release on her jump-shot it is tough for defenders to guard her. Her jump-shot is always consistent and brings the same results. She is great playing off screens to make sure she gets open from anywhere on the court. Do not be fooled by her defensive play, she is great at reading her opponents and knows where to be on the court at all times. Littleton has committed to play at the University of Southern California.

Alexis Morris

Alexis Morris Height: 5-6 Weight: Position: Guard Legacy Christian Academy Beaumont, TX College: Baylor

Morris is an athletic point guard with strong offensive and defensive skills. She has combo skills which makes her a deadly threat on the offensive side of the ball. With her strong shooting game and being able to penetrate the defensive she is a match up nightmare for anyone. On the defensive side, she is a lockdown defender and has a good sense of the passing lanes. She is able to anticipate any pass coming her way. Morris has committed to play at Baylor University.

Autumn Newby

Autumn Newby Height: 6-2 Weight: Position: Forward Archer High School Lawrenceville, GA College: Vanderbilt

Newby is a consistent finisher in the paint. She is an athletic post player with superb footwork and hands. Excellent at finishing plays at the rim in transition and in the post, she is an extreme competitor on both ends of the floor. She is a very good defender who protects the paint. Next season she will be playing for Vanderbilt.

Chasity Patterson

Chasity Patterson Height: 5-5 Weight: Position: Point Guard North Shore High School Houston, TX College: Texas

A true floor general, Patterson is an exciting leader. She shoots the three ball with great accuracy. Explosive and quick to the rim, she is very tough to contain when driving to the rim with her scorer’s mentality. On the other end, she disrupts offenses and uses her quickness to cause deflections and steals. Patterson will be joining the Texas Longhorns next season.

Danielle Patterson

Danielle Patterson Height: 6-3 Weight: Position: Forward Mary Louis Academy Brooklyn, NY College: Notre Dame

Patterson has remarkable length and size that is college ready. Her athleticism allows her to do almost anything on the court and her versatility allows her to play multiple positions. She can score in traffic or shoot the mid-range and three ball, while displaying her ball handling in transition or in the half-court set. She has committed to attend Notre Dame next year.

Deauzya Richards

Deauzya Richards Height: 6-1 Weight: Position: Forward Cypress Ranch High School Houston, TX College: Baylor

With great length and athleticism, Richards is a solid offensive player. She is able to take control of games with ease and can orchestrate, drive and finish in traffic. Known for her mid-range game, she is able to get shots up in transition and in the half court. Richards is able to draw contact and is a great free throw shooter. On the defensive side, she is able to use her length and athleticism to make game changing plays. Richards has committed to play at Baylor University.

Satou Sabally

Satou Sabally Height: 6-3 Weight: Position: Guard Berlin, Germany College: Oregon

Sabally is not your typical All-American player. She comes from Berlin, Germany and is ready to make herself known in the U.S. At 6-3, she is a strong athletic perimeter player. She has superior size and the versatility to play all over the court. She is great in the up-tempo game with her ability to slice through defenders and finish at the rim. She is explosive off the dribble with a quick first step. Sabally has committed to play at the University of Oregon. 

Megan Walker

Megan Walker Height: 6-1 Weight: Position: Guard Monacan High School Chesterfield, VA College: UConn

Walker is known for her smooth play and marvelous court awareness. She can do a little of everything and can create for herself and her teammates. She has a high basketball IQ and plays very well under pressure with the skillset to deliver a bucket, pass or defensive play. She will be playing at UConn next year.

Evina Westbrook

Evina Westbrook Height: 6-0 Weight: Position: Guard South Salem High School Salem, OR College: Tennessee

As a versatile play-maker, Westbrook has great size for a guard and is a strong player for any back court. She has fantastic court awareness and can play the fast-paced game very well while getting her teammates involved. When needed, she can get to the basket. She is a great shooter who has a superb mid-range shot. With her size, she is a great defender who can anticipate plays before they happen and is able to lock down defenders on the perimeter. Westbrook has committed to play at the University of Tennessee.    

Kiana Williams

Kiana Williams Height: 5-7 Weight: Position: Point Guard Wagner High School San Antonio, TX College: Stanford

Williams is a floor general who brings great court awareness with the ability to score. With a strong passing game, she is able to find her teammates by navigating through defenders in transition and in the half-court offense. She is explosive off the bounce and can finish at the rim or hit the midrange jump-shot. She is a great perimeter defender and keeps other guards away from the basket. Williams has committed to play at Stanford University.

Jade Williams

Jade Williams Height: 6-4 Weight: Position: Center The Colony High School The Colony, TX College: Duke

Williams is a strong defensive player who competes on the glass, defends the paint, alters shots and more. With her superior size in the front court, she can take over games by using her high motor to get easy baskets down low in traffic. At 6-4, she is very mobile and creates difficult matchups for defenders. Williams has committed to play at Duke University