Shakira Austin

Shakira Austin Height: 6-5 Weight: Position: Forward Riverdale Baptist School Upper Marlboro, MD College: University of Maryland

Ultra-athletic and 6’5”, Austin is an extremely versatile forward. She excels with her interior footwork and offensive game. She’s quick in transition, allowing her to play actively on both ends of the court. A terrific one-on-one player that finishes plays and draws the contact. Her length allows her to swat shorts and grab rebounds. She has committed to play for the University of Maryland next year.

Elizabeth Balogun

Elizabeth Balogun Height: 6-0 Weight: Position: Point Guard Hamilton Heights H.S. Chattanooga, TN College: Georgia Tech

At six feet, Balogun is an athletic perimeter threat with great versatility and first-step attack that pounds the glass and passes well on both sides of the ball. With her athletic style of play, she operates efficiently in traffic and loves to finish with contact in the key. She enjoys the uptempo style of play. Balogun will be attending Georgia Tech next season.

Jenna Brown

Jenna Brown Height: 5-10 Weight: Position: Point Guard The Lovett School Marietta, GA College:

Brown is an athletic combo guard that has a scorer’s mentality. Always in attack mode, she drives to the rim or pulls up mid-range for the jumper. She plays under control and facilitates to her teammates. She is a terrific, triple-threat point guard that is able to shoot, play-make, and break down the defense. She has signed to play for the Stanford Cardinal.

Charli Collier

Charli Collier Height: 6-5 Weight: Position: Forward Barbers Hill H.S. Mont Belvieu, TX College: Texas

Collier is a skilled forward that can do it all. She finishes plays in traffic, pounds the glass, lives at the free throw line and has a strong face-up game. Her footwork down low is second to none. At her size, she is very mobile in transition and can handle passes on the fast break. On the defensive side of the ball, she defends the block well and grabs every board that comes her way. Collier will be attending the University of Texas next year.

Amira Collins

Amira Collins Height: 6-3 Weight: Position: Post Paul VI Catholic H.S. Fairfax, VA College: Tennessee

As someone who is a versatile post player, Collins is a threat on the offensive side of the ball. She can step out beyond the arc and has a great interior post game that is great verses contact. In transition, she is very mobile and can initiate the fast break offense at her size. Collins will be attending the University of Tennessee next year. 

Aquira DeCosta

Aquira DeCosta Height: 6-2 Weight: Position: Wing St. Mary's H.S Sacramento, CA College: Baylor

DeCosta can do it all. She is an explosive 4 who attacks the rim and looks to draw the contact, making her an offensive force and a hard player to defend. Her athleticism, height, and quickness makes her a versatile defender. Relentless on the glass, DeCosta is physical and tough to contain in the key. Next year, DeCosta will be playing for the Baylor Bears.

Elizabeth Dixon

Elizabeth Dixon Height: 6-3 Weight: Position: Forward Ridgeway H.S. Memphis, TN College: Georgia Tech

As someone who is still relatively new to the game, Dixon is a very athletic interior player with a skilled post game. By having superior length, a large wingspan and great mobility, she is a threat on both sides of the ball. She enjoys finishing in traffic. On the defensive side of the ball, she can guard a variety of players and positions. Next year, Dixon will be attending Georgia Tech.  

Queen Egbo

Queen Egbo Height: 6-3 Weight: Position: Post Travis H.S. Houston, TX College: Baylor

As a 6’3” skilled post, Egbo is an outstanding athlete. She has great size which helps her score in multiple ways. Able to do it all, she has quick footwork in the key and a soft touch in the paint. She pounds the glass, initiates the fast break, and is agile in transition.  Next year, she will be attending Baylor with Aquira DeCosta.

Emily Engstler

Emily Engstler Height: 6-2 Weight: Position: Wing St. Francis Prep Fresh Meadows, NY College: Syracuse

Engstler is a strong, physical player who is versatile athlete. With a strong offensive arsenal, she can score anywhere on the court. She is quick off the dribble, can deliver through contact, and has a great mid-range game that can extend beyond the arc. Besides her offensive game, she is a great floor general. She has the desire to compete on both ends with high intensity. Engstler will be attending the University of Syracuse next year

McKenzie Forbes

McKenzie Forbes Height: 6-0 Weight: Position: Wing Folsom H.S. Folsom, CA College: California

At six feet, Forbes is a smooth perimeter prospect that can deliver off the dribble. She has a great jumper with range that extends past the three-point line. On the defensive end, she is versatile player who can guard multiple positions. One of her strengths is to exploit mismatches and use her offensive game to her advantage. Forbes will be attending the University of California next year.

Katlyn Gilbert

Katlyn Gilbert Height: 5-10 Weight: Position: Point Guard Heritage Christian H.S. Indianapolis, IN College: Notre Dame

As a point guard, Gilbert is a floor general who does well in transition finding the open teammate. She can break down any defender, whether in the half-court or in an uptempo game. She enjoys trying to find the interior pass.  In addition to her great passing abilities, she has a strong mid-range game and can be a threat deep beyond the arc. Gilbert will be playing for the University of Notre Dame next season.

Zarielle Green

Zarielle Green Height: 6-0 Weight: Position: Guard Duncanville H.S. Dallas, TX College: Tennessee

Green is an athletic guard with great size. She excels in the back court, with her aggressiveness and anticipation translating into steals for her team. Her ability to shoot and also play defense makes her a threat on both ends of the court. She is capable of delivering off the dribble or setting up a teammate. She will be playing for the Tennessee Lady Vols. 

Destanni Henderson

Destanni Henderson Height: 5-8 Weight: Position: Point Guard Fort Myers H.S. Lehigh Acres, FL College: South Carolina

A smooth combo guard, Henderson has an explosive first step with terrific body control in the paint. Her ability to read the offense and her quick hands give her a strong presence on defense. She is a true point guard, with her ability to be a distributor to her teammates and a floor-leader with a scorer’s mentality. She has committed to the South Carolina Gamecocks.

Rhyne Howard

Rhyne Howard Height: 6-0 Weight: Position: Guard Bradley Central H.S. Cleveland, TN College: Kentucky

Howard is a combo-guard that brings size to any backcourt. She has a strong explosive uptempo game that attacks the rim off the dribble. As someone who is athletic she is a quick-leaper, active on the boards, defends well and enjoys finding the mismatches. One of her strengths on the offensive side of ball is her mid-range game. Howard will be attending the University of Kentucky next season.

Ashley Joens

Ashley Joens Height: 5-9 Weight: Position: Guard Iowa City H.S. Iowa City, IA College: Iowa State

Joens is a fundamental off-guard. She reads the screens well and has a smooth release on her jumper. Known for manufacturing plays for her teammates. She has a strong mid-range game, and is a consistent system contributor and offensive presence. Her solid guard skills make her a triple-threat. Joens will be attending Iowa State next year.

Jazmine Massengill

Jazmine Massengill Height: 6-0 Weight: Position: Point Guard Hamilton Heights H.S. Chattanooga, TN College: Tennessee

Massengill is an athletic combo-guard who can do it all. She has a strong defensive game that allows her to grab rebounds and great handles that can attack the basket in an uptempo style game. As a point guard, she distributes the ball well to get her teammates involved and is physical off the dribble. Massengill will be attending the University of Tennessee next year.

Valencia Myers

Valencia Myers Height: 6-3 Weight: Position: Post Solon H.S. Solon, OH College: Florida State

Myers is an agile low-post player with a college-ready frame. She is an athletic post player with superb footwork who is excellent at making plays in the post and finishing. An extreme competitor on both ends of the floor, she defends the post well, rebounds, and initiates fast breaks. Next season, she will be playing for Florida State with Izabela Nicoletti.

Olivia Nelson-Ododa

Olivia Nelson-Ododa Height: 6-4 Weight: Position: Post Winder-Barrow H.S. Winder, GA College: UConn

At 6’4”, Nelson-Ododa has superior mobility for her size. With her long wingspan and length, she is shot blocking machine and can change any shot in the post in her favor. She crashes the boards as an explosive leaper and even can defend outside the key which makes her a defensive threat. On the offensive side of the ball, she has great hands that can finish at the rim with a soft touch. Nelson-Ododa will be attending the University of Connecticut next year.

Izabela Nicoletti

Izabela Nicoletti Height: 5-10 Weight: Position: Point Guard Neuse Christian Academy Raleigh, NC College: Florida State

Nicoletti is an offensive firepower. She brings a confident swagger and scorer’s mentality to the front court. Her awareness and vision of the court brings range beyond the arc. Her passing ability and up-tempo game are dangerous for her opponents. She will be joining the Florida State Seminoles next year.

Sedona Prince

Sedona Prince Height: 6-7 Weight: Position: Post Liberty Hill H.S. Liberty Hill, TX College: Texas

A 6’7” dominant defensive presence, Prince owns the back court. She has superior length that allows her to clean the glass and patrol the key. Not only can she initiate fast breaks, but she can also use her handles and deliver the point on them. She has great hands that can catch and finish the play in traffic. Prince will be joining the Texas Longhorns next season.

Honesty Scott-Grayson

Honesty Scott-Grayson Height: 5-10 Weight: Position: Point Guard Riverdale Baptist School Upper Marlboro, MD College: Baylor

Scott-Grayson has a scores mentality. She has a smooth jump shot that is lethal anywhere on the court. Even with her great scoring ability, she can set her teammates up in transition and get the easy baskets. On the defensive side of the ball, she is very active in the passing lanes to disrupt offenses and get easy steals. Next year, Scott-Grayson will be attending Baylor.

NaLyssa Smith

NaLyssa Smith Height: 6-2 Weight: Position: Forward East Central H.S. Converse, TX College: Baylor

Smith is one of the most versatile athletic forwards in today’s game. She can rebound, handle and pass the ball in any game. In transition, she can fill the lanes quickly and attack the basket with ease. On the defensive side of the ball, she brings a large presence in the key and attacks the glass to grab every rebound. Smith will be attending Baylor next year.

Christyn Williams

Christyn Williams Height: 5-11 Weight: Position: Guard Central Arkansas Christian School Little Rock, AR College: UConn

Williams is a left-handed combo-guard with an outstanding offensive game. Being such a great athlete allows her to do almost anything she wants on the court. She is a mid-range offense producer and has the ability to draw contact on the drive. She is a confident team leader with court awareness. Her vision gives her the sight to be a playmaker for her teammates. She has signed to play for the UConn Huskies next year.

Madison Williams

Madison Williams Height: 5-10 Weight: Position: Wing Trinity Valley School Fort Worth, TX College: Oklahoma

Williams is known for her athletic perimeter play. Her capability to create mismatches and exploit them is unlike any other. Despite her height, she has a power game in the paint. She has a smooth release on her jumper from the arc, but also finds the opportunity to draw contact from there as well. Her offensive game is a force to be reckoned with. She will be playing at Oklahoma next year.