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SLAM / JBC Diary - March 31st

While he spends the next few weeks preparing for the Jordan Brand Classic, Tony Parker shares his experience with SLAMonline!
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SLAM / JBC Diary - March 29th

While he spends the next few weeks preparing for the Jordan Brand Classic, Nerlens Noel shares his experience with SLAMonline!
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SLAM / JBC Diary - March 22nd

While he spends the next few weeks preparing for the Jordan Brand Classic, Tony Parker shares his experience with SLAMonline!
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2012 JBC International Tour - Day 6

Last Day - Final Thoughts...
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2012 JBC International Tour - Day 4/5

Players Arrive, Work-Out's Begin!
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2012 JBC International Tour - Day 3

Thursday's To Do List:

Players Bags Packed 

Staff bags Packed 

Credentials Ready 

Staff Notebooks Ready 

Gym Branding 

Gym Set Up 

Staff Meeting  


Looks as if everything is complete and we are ready to go! We finished up the product bags this morning, and then went to check out the gym. The branding there looked amazing, they had several pop up banners of the JBC alums from over the years. I think the kids will really enjoy seeing these pictures of the past JBC alums and now NBA superstars. 

The players will be training at the University of England - London/Docklands and it is a brand new facility. We are actually the first group that will utilize the gym space (it will not open to the public/students until next week), which is pretty exciting. We also found out that USA Basketball will use this same gym as their headquarters for the Olympics.

All of the US coaches arrived today, and we had small informal meeting to talk over the schedule, players, product, etc. and then headed out for dinner. The restaurant we ate at was incredible, it was called Hakkasan. I believe they have several chains throughout the world including the United States (Miami and New York), India, and the Middle East. I would certainly recommend it to any one traveling to those cities, or countries. One of our US coaches Ganon Baker kept us entertained at dinner, and on the ride back to the hotel. His topics ranged from his college recruiting visit to Radford University where he ate duck for the first time to his empathy for horses lol Good tiimes!

Well, it has been a long day.. So I will talk to you guys tomorrow!


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2012 JBC International Tour - Day 2

Today has been a great day! We started our day off with a great breakfast and then met in the product room to finish packing some of the bags for the staff and players. The product this year is pretty nice, I think the players will really like all of the Jordan apparel and shoes that they will get. Most of the staff from the Nike European office arrived today and the US staff and coaches will arrive Thursday and Friday. I heard the talent this year is extraordinary so I am really looking forward to checking the kids out at the gym this weekend.

We finished a little early today, so we ventured out to check out the Nike Town London. I must say it was very impressive, they had two separate I.D. labs where they had several Nike I.D. shoes on display. My favorite was this pair of personalized lime green and gray Air Jordan 2012's.

Three-fourths of the top floor was Nike Basketball and Jordan Brand, they had a life size manikin of 2003 JBC alum LeBron James - It was pretty cool, they even drew on all of his tattoos lol. I was surprised to see all of the different color ways they had for all of the basketball shoes. I was impressed with the huge selection of Jordan Brand apparel, a lot of stuff I had never seen before.

On the way to Nike Town we got a chance to see The O2 Arena and Big Ben from a distance. I did not realize how big the arena was; hopefully we get a chance to walk over there before we head back to the states.

I know we have only been here two days but I must say this has definitely been a great experience thus far. I am really looking forward to the next few days.

To see some of the pictures from today, follow us on twitter @jordanclassic.

I will get at you guys tomorrow!


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2012 JBC International Tour - Day 1

Greetings from London!

Phew! It has been a long day, I feel like I have been up for 24 hours straight. Our flight left Philadelphia on March 5th at 9:15 pm (EST) and we arrived in London on March 6th at around 9:30 am (London time). The flight was great, I watched one movie and attempted to watch another but the combination of no sleep and the meal had me passed out in no time!

Our driver picked us up in a 2012 Mercedes Benz S550, it amazes me how many taxi drivers in Europe use these luxurious cars as taxi's. The back seat had its own seat controller, so I was able to adjust my seat and get comfortable. I must say it was one of the nicest taxi's I have ever rode in. The drive from the London Heathrow Airport to our hotel was about an hour and 45 minutes, traffic was pretty bad which is what made the drive a little bit longer than expected.

The rooms at our hotel are nice and the staff here are extremely affable and helpful. I am not sure if it was the jet lag or what; but for the life of me I could not figure out how to turn on the lights in my room (I DID try the light switches lol). I was embarrassed when they delivered my room service and my room was completely dark. The gentleman let me know that I have to put my room key in a slot by the door in order to get the lights to turn on... This will take a little while to get used to lol.

We have a full day tomorrow so; I will post another update and some photos tomorrow night. Also make sure to follow us on twitter at @jordanclassic.

Cheers! (In my British accent)

- N.Caldwell

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Final Thoughts from London

What a week in the UK!  We had such a great group of players, coaches and staff during the event and it is hard to believe it's already over.
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Blogging During the All-Star Game

I just thought it would be fun to blog live during the all-star game of the action for all of the fans following us.
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Day Six - Final Workout

I have really been looking forward to the last day of camp to see which players have the heart to work through all of the pain and exhaustion from the weekend to perform at the highest level.
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Day 5 - NBA Game in London

It is almost 2 am and I am just getting back to my hotel from the triple-overtime NBA game in London that the New Jersey Nets won by 1 over the Toronto Raptors.

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Day Five - Second Day of Camp

It was definitely an early morning today.  After getting back to the hotel late last night from the evening session, the buses rolled out of the hotel at 7:45 am this morning.
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Day Four - Profiling Steve Bucknall

My favorite part of these camps is meeting basketball people from all over the world.  We are very lucky to have Steve Bucknall as one of our local U.K. coaches this week.
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Day Four - Opening Night

What a great session tonight. The buzz among the coaches is the level of talent with these 40 players.

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Day Four - Checking out the Venue

We did a brief walk-through of the Surrey Sports Park this morning in preparation of the first session tonight. This is going to be a great year for the Jordan Brand Classic International Tour.

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Day Three - Final Prep

Our coaching staff all arrived today and we finished getting the product ready for the players.  We have included a special preview for you.
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Day Two - Exploring London

After a day and a half of work at the hotel, we finally made it out to central London to see the sights.

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Day Two - Adjusting to A New Time Zone

It's an early morning here in London.  Wide-awake at 6 am after a fantastic sleep.  It's overcast and very cold once again.  I got up and made my way down to the hotel gym this morning to make sure I keep my body on track with the time difference.

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Wrapping Up the First Day

The first day in England is coming to a close.  I have been awake for all but about two hours since leaving home on Monday morning -- hopefully will adjust to the new time zone by morning.
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